Morning Meeting

The CEO and board are back from their trip away. It’s raining like a motherfucker out there right now, which of course, shoots down any plans for hanging out in a park that might have been manifesting.

Her 1pm phone meeting just got moved around, so she’s gonna have to move some other things around. Rather, one of the other executives is moving things around while she stares out the window and remembers the rainy summers at camp, and how they didn’t matter because camp was (is) the purest form of magic.

Also, there were very few outdoor activities at camp, so that made the rain mean less.

This meeting is going nowhere. I guess that’s okay sometimes. Better to get some writing done. The board member who really likes writing had the idea to port over a blog post from a previous internet spot and continue it here, and everyone is into the idea. It can keep living on and being very silly.

Meeting adjourned. Let’s get some stuff done today.


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